PawTrails GPS Tracker - Dog Locator
GPS Dog Harness, Harness Tracker, red gps harness, dog tracker
PawTrails GPS Tracker - Dog Locator
Gps dog tracker
GPS charging port, GPS charging station
GPS Dog Harness, Harness Tracker, black gps harness, dog tracker

PawTrails GPS Tracker - Dog Locator

All in One Solution

Regular price €79.99

+Service fee starting from €2.49 /month

  • • Live Tracking & Safe Zones
  • • Activity Monitor
  • • Adventure Recording
  • • Health Advisor

Only includes one device holder and tracking unit.

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Dependent on network coverage and GPS signal.

  • The NEW PawTrails all in one solution means you have the benefit of having both a harness and a collar. Insights into your pet’s daily life with our FREE easy to use mobile app designed around you and your pet’s needs.


    1. Live Tracking & Safe Zones

    Allows you to set virtual fences on the apps built in map, that will then notify if your dog leaves and then you can track where your pet has gone using the Live Tracking screen.

    2. Monitors Activity

    Tracks your pet’s activity levels to see how much exercise they are getting throughout the day. This is also a great way of seeing any irregular movement or changes in behaviour to keep an eye on your pet when you are away.

    3. Adventure Recording

    When you are heading out for a walk with your dog start an Adventure and record your trip. When you’re finished you can see a summary of how well your pet performed.

    4. Health Advisor

    Keep your pets’ weight in check with PawTrails and measure improvements by assessing your pet regularly in the app.

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  • PawTrails is interchangeable between a collar and harness.

  • Overview

    • Waterproof and durable to suit all types of terrain

    • Secure Software to keep your information safe

    • The PawTrails app is FREE to download on iOS and Android smartphones


    • 3 days – may vary depending on use


    • Integrated sim card which sends your pets location to your PawTrails app

    • Check out service fees here.

What’s Inside PawTrails Box

Smart Harness

Device Holder

Smart Collar

Tracking Unit

Charging Station

Charging cable