PawTrails GPS All in One

Insight Into Your Pets' Daily Life

Always Stay Connected With Your Dog

PawTrails Smart Harness – GPS

Designed and manufactured with your comfort In Mind

PawTrails GPS has the following cool features:

  • Live Tracking and Safe Zone
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Adventure Recording
  • Health Adviser

The PawTrails GPS all in one solution means you have the benefit of having both a harness and a collar. You have unique insights into your pet’s daily life with our easy to use mobile app which is specifically designed around you and your pet’s needs.

What's included in the box?

  • Harnes available in sizes S, M, L
  • Device holder and smart collar
  • Charging station with cable
  • Tracking device unit

* Only one tracking device and one smart collar per pack

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Mobile App - PawTrails GPS

being connected

  • Real Time GPS Tracker
  • Safe Zone Notification
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Health Advisor

The PawTrails app is easy to use and you are provided with insights into your pet’s daily life, with just a click of a button

We provide the best service in industry

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