Finding A Lost Dog


We have all scrolled past social media posts looking for information about a lost dog and an owner desperate to be reunited.


Don’t panic if your dog is lost as you might be lucky that they haven’t gone too far. 

  • Contact your local council to check if the dog warden has seized your dog.
  • Share a picture of your lost dog on social media and in local groups.
  • Check the area you last saw them in and the surrounding area.
  • Go to your regular walking trail or other areas your dog is familiar with.


A stray is a dog found in a public place unaccompanied with no form of identification. The local council is responsible for all strays, they will pick them up and put them in the pound. In Ireland if a stray dog isn’t claimed in five days, they are at risk of being put to sleep. The same system is in operation in the UK, but it is after seven days. This is why it is so important to get your dog micro-chipped and keep a collar and form of identification on them so whoever finds them knows they have an owner. 


Help bring your dog home if he manages to break out with PawTrails GPS dog tracker. The best way to avoid the stress and risk of losing your dog forever is to invest in a GPS dog tracker, so you can see where your dog is all the time. You can access your dog’s live location through the PawTrails app at the touch of a button. So, no matter where your dog goes you will reduce the risk of having your dog lost.


Why would you risk losing your dog and going through hours or days of stress and panic trying to find them? PawTrails is the solution to always ensure you and your dog are reunited. There is a safe zone feature which notifies you if your dog makes a run for it out your back garden. Live Tracking shows your dog’s location on Google maps and shows you the direction they are heading in so you can catch up with them. 

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