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Where Can I Find A Dog Tracker In The UK?

Are you interested in buying a dog tracker but don’t know where to find one in the UK? PawTrails is a company that specialises in pet technology care. 

Looking for a dog tracker online from the UK? 

PawTrails sell dog trackers online and deliver across the UK. The main feature is the GPS location, but really you would be buying an all-in-one solution for your dog. You are probably aware of the large amount of different dog GPS products online. Make sure to compare all features, costs and the customer service available before you decide on what tracker suits you. 

- What's in the PawTrails' box? A GPS device and the holder, a harness, a collar and a charging station. 

- What are the App features? Live tracking, Safe zones, Adventure mode, Activity monitor and Health advisor. 

- Where can I find it online? You can buy from us directly on our website. 

- What is the coverage like? PawTrails dog tracker works across Europe and the UK. 

 - Is there customer support? Yes, PawTrails have several platforms where you can get in touch with themonline chat, via email/telephone, Facebook or Instagram. 

Where can I find a PawTrails dog tracker instore in the UK? 

PawTrails, also have a network of retailersto ensure the dog tracker is available in-store across the UK. If you prefer to buy from a store and receive all the instructions from someone, come visit our partners' shops. 

Here is just a selection of some of the stores where PawTrails is available across the UK.  


The PawTrails team and partners are available to answer any of your requests. Have a look at our reviews on our website or on social media 


If you wish to become one of PawTrails partners, contact our sales team.


Love from
the team at PawTrails

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