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What Is A Tracker Harness For Dogs?

dog with a red tracker harness

Having a tracker harness for your dog is useful for keeping an eye on them and is comforting knowing you can track them whenever you want. Below is everything you need to know about PawTrails tracker harness and the benefits of buying one.  

What is a tracker harness? 

The tracker has an integrated GPS device which attaches to a harness and allows you to live track the location of your pet through an app. In the PawTrails box, you also receive a collar, allowing you to change according to the activity or your preference. 

The Tracker

gps tracker device

The tracker is small, light in weight and black. The PawTrails GPS tracker is easily attached and secured to the harness. The GPS tracker harness offers different interesting functions such as: 

  • Live tracking: the app updates your dog’s position every 3 seconds when he is moving, to keep hot on their heels.  
  • Safe zones: set up virtual fences for your dog and be notified if your dog leaves it.  
  • Start an adventure: keep track of your walks by having the history of your adventures and the statistics of your dog performance, on our easy to use app.  
  • Activity monitor: 3D sensor in the tracker allows you to monitor your dog’s activity, so you can see what they get up to throughout the day.  
  • Share: you can share your dogs’ profile with other members of your family, so they can see what your dog is up to. You can also share youadventures on social media. 

The GPS tracker works across Europe and the UK and the PawTrails App is free to download.  

The Harness

The PawTrails Harness has multiple different features:

  • Easy to put on your dog.  
  • Comfortable tracker harness to wear as it is padded on the chest and belly part. 
  • There are two dog lead attachment points: on the dog’s back and on the dog’s chest.  
  • The straps are adjustable, to fit all different shapes of dogs.  
  • There are also reflective strips which allow good visibility on dark roads. 
  • It’s hand washable if needed.  
  • It’s easily interchangeable into a collar, supplied in the PawTrails box as well.  

There are two colors and different sizes available in our shop. If you want to find out more about PawTrails products, don’t hesitate to contact us or check our reviews here.



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