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Walking In The Dark

We have officially gone back in time after day light saving came into effect last Sunday morning. The evenings are getting darker faster and that means if you are out walking your dog you are less visible in the dark.  


Always wear reflective clothing in the dark evenings or early morning so you are clearly visible to other road users, especially if you are in an area that is near a main road. It is also a good idea to put something reflective on your dog if they are out walking with you, so they can be seen.  

PawTrails latest GPS harness has incorporated reflective strips to help you see where they have gone if they wander off ahead of you.  

GPS dog tracker


If your dog heads too far into the dark that you loose sight of them PawTrails GPS Harness or collar will be able to track them down though the PawTrails mobile app. This can save you hours of searching for your dog and give you peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.  


Where possible walk in a well-lit area for the safety of both you and your dog. If you know the area you usually walk in is badly lit, you should always carry a torch, so you can see where you are going. 


If possible avoid walking on a road but if you cant always walk against traffic so you can see oncoming traffic and step in as they pass. Always keep your dog on the inside of you when walking on the road and on a short lead so they don’t run in front of a car or pull you out onto oncoming traffic. Use a footpath where possible to keep you and your dog safe.  

Don’t wear headphones when walking on a road so you can listen out for cars and be aware of your surroundings.  


Do you like walking in the dark? 


Love from

the team at PawTrails

Dog Collar


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