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Tips When Walking Your Dog

It’s time to wrap up and call out the ‘W’ word because it’s time to head out for a walk. I don’t think we have ever met a dog that doesn’t enjoy a walk and every time it is mentioned the excitement is contagious.

We have put some tips and tricks together below that will hopefully make your walk a little easier.

1. Collar or Harness

Everyone has their own preference on what they would rather use on their dog when taking them out on a walk. Collars are usually more suited for when the dog is around the house, garden or at doggy day care. Harnesses are great when you are out walking and make a big difference if you have a dog who has a bad habit of dragging on the lead.

Clipping the lead onto the front loop of the harness should see a reduction in the amount your dog will pull you while you are out walking. So that is what that clip is for, you learn something new every day. After all it is you walking the dog not the dog walking you.

With PawTrails GPS Tracker you don’t have to choose, as you get both a harness and a collar, so you can continue to keep paws on your dog while you’re out and about.

Dog with a GPS tracker harness and collar

2. Adventure

Track your dog’s progress while you are out on a walk with PawTrails Adventure recording, so you can see how far, fast and where you went on your app. The best part is you can share your walk on social media to show your friends and family the great adventures you have been on with your dog.

3. Sniff

Let your dog stop and sniff around, this is a great mental stimulation for them and lets them take note of their surroundings to help them relax.

4. Locate

If you worry about misplacing your dog whilst you are out walking, then worry no more! With PawTrails you can see their live location on the PawTrails app, so you can track them down. You no longer need to worry if they run off or get lost in an area they are unfamiliar with.

5. Scoop The Poop

Always clean up after your dog when you are out walking. It’s a good idea to always have doggy poop bags handy when you are out and about and to dispose of them correctly in a designated bin. Keep the wood, beach and park clean and leave them how you found them for everyone else to enjoy.

6. Hydrate

When you are out walking, bring a bottle of water along with you so that you can keep your pup hydrated and happy. There are some great pocket size portable dog bowls available that make it easier for your dog to drink from rather than the bottle.

7. Music

If you are out walking and need a good playlist to keep you going, why not listen to our doggy playlist on Spotify.


Have you any good tips for walking a dog?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

Dog Collar

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