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Stress Free Vet Visit

Annual Check Up

Your pet must be brought for their annual check-up at least once a year to see that all their vaccinations are up to date. Many dogs will have a negative relationship with the vets because of past procedures they have had or injections they found uncomfortable. It’s as if they can smell the fear of other animals before they even walk in the door. Your dog doesn’t understand that it is for their own good that you are bringing them to the vets, so they may come across as if they are in a bad mood with you after their trip to the vets. Don’t worry though that never lasts too long, and they will be back to their normal selves again.

Nervous Dog

Reduce Dog Stress Tips

A vet visit can be a very stressful experience for any pet but there are things you can do to relax them, so they don’t feel as intimidated going into the clinic:

  1. Before your appointment you should bring your dog for a walk to tire them out. This will give them less energy to be running around and help keep them sitting, whilst you are in the waiting room and during their appointment with the vet.
  2. Veterinary waiting rooms can be very confined spaces so having a dog that is well socialised can make it much easier when they must sit so close to other animals.
  3. If you feel your pet is very nervous, it is worth asking your vet what the quietest time is to make an appointment to avoid big crowds.
  4. If your pet is not cooperating and refuses to sit still and is growling, it is good to defuse the tension by taking your dog outside in the fresh air until you are called.
  5. It is best to keep your dog on a short lead and keep reassuring them that everything is ok with lots of petting. Try to keep their attention focussed on you to distract them from everything that is going on around them.
  6. If you are afraid of how your dog will react to other dogs when they are nervous, it could be worth considering muzzling your pet or bring them in a carrier box for their own safety and the safety of everyone else. It is understandable for a dog to be nervous but always consider safety first if they are prone to react negatively.

Your dog might surprise you and take the entire experience just like any other day. Before you know it the visit to the vet will be over and you can reward your pet for being so brave. They will be your best friends again and will have forgotten about the whole experience shortly after leaving.


How does your dog react when you bring them to the vet?


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