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The Benefits of An Office Dog

We know here at PawTrails we would love to have an office dog because we are all about dogs here. There is something very rewarding about being greeted by a non-judgmental wagging tail as you start your days’ work. It can be a great stress relief because if things are starting to get on top of you, you can take some time out to destress with a dog.

Furry work friend

There are a number of advantages to having a furry four-legged friend in the office. It is said that animals are a great way to decrease stress, which in turn could make a more productive workforce. An office dog can keep you motivated to get your work done or are you more likely to be sitting on the floor rolling around with them? A dog in the office is a great way to help with team bonding because it gives staff a focus for conversation in a happy and more relaxed environment. A dog will also draw everyone over to them, this means staff will be sitting together where they might not have in the past.

Office Dog

What are you waiting for go ask your boss now but don’t be disappointed if the answer is no because there are considerations to make when hiring an office pup. Firstly, it needs to be house trained and ideally not too energetic that it will be running around jumping up on everyone. A hyper dog could end up making staff counterproductive and disturb them from their work. Another issue is where do you get the dog from, ideally it is best if someone already owns a dog that can come to work with them because the dog will need a home to go back to come close of business. You must also consider if there is anyone in the office who is allergic to dogs or would be nervous around them. It would be unfair to make a member of staff feel uncomfortable so be sure to consult with all staff if you are contemplating an office dog.

If you are considering an office dog be sure to provide food and water for the dog to access easily in the office. Most importantly make the dog feel welcome and make sure they are relaxed, so they can cope with being in a busy work space.


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