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Understanding A Dogs Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what your dog is really saying or even tried to translate? Dogs are extremely intelligent and can understand a great deal of what you are saying once they get to know your routine.

Girl and dog on the floor

Inside a dogs mind

Sometimes it could be down to the tone of voice that signals an action. Like when you mention the ‘W’ word around your dog you can find yourself pitching your voice slightly to emphasis the action. The word ‘walk’ sets off great excitement in your pet’s mind and can send them bolting in all directions in anticipation to head off. If you want to avoid your pet getting unnecessarily hyper you may even find yourself spelling out W.A.L.K if it comes up in conversation around your dog.

As much as we try and translate the mind of a dog they are the best gate keeper of secrets because no matter what secrets you tell them, you know you can trust in the fact no human could translate what has been said to them.

Every dog has its own personality but as you get to know your dog you see their little signals to show you what they are talking about. Tapping on the door to go out to the toilet, staring at you while you eat to tell you sharing is caring. It is like a secret code you have between you and your pet. 

If we could really understand what they were saying, we think it would be more along the lines of feed me, walk me and rub my belly on repeat. Dogs love attention and in most cases idolise their owner. It's nice to know you go home to someone who is just as excited to see you as the first time you met, the love never wears off.


Have you ever been caught out talking to your pet? Tell us your funny stories below.

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