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Dog water bowl

Does Your Dog Drink Enough Water?

Learn different ways to encourage your pet to drink more water in our latest blog. Keep your dog hydrated especially now that the days are getting warmer.

Help find my dog

Finding A Lost Dog

Nobody ever wants to experience losing their dog. PawTrails dog tracker will help stop that happening & give you peace of mind knowing where they are.
Dog poop

Scoop The Dog Poop

There is nothing worse than walking along and landing your shoe into a big pile of dog poo because that smell follows you around. We have the solution for you.
Picture of a big dog

5 Tips To Get The Best Photo Of Your Dog

Get the perfect picture of your dog for the family album. We have a couple of tricks to help you get the perfect snap of your pet.
Brushing your dog

Dog Hair Care

We help you get your dogs hair back under control. Find out the best ways to manage their fur and keep it in great condition.
Decorating the house with your dog

Getting Festive With Your Dog

It's easy for your dog to mistake baubles swinging from the tree as an invitation to play. We have tips on how to dog safe your home around Christmas decorations.
Lost dog in the countryside

Tips To Prevent Your Dog Going Missing

How would you feel if your dog went missing? PawTrails GPS dog tracker gives you the piece of mind knowing their live location on the PawTrails app.
Walking in the dark with  your dog

Walking In The Dark

We have tips on how to keep you and your dog safe when walking in the dark. PawTrails GPS harness has reflective strips to make your pet visible at night
Dog Vs Robber

Guard Dog

During winter the rate of home break ins and thefts see a significant rise, having a dog around may reduce the risk of your home being robbed. Read more...
GPS Dog Tracker

Tips When Walking Your Dog

Wrap up and call out the ‘W’ word because it’s time to head out for a walk. Every
dog enjoys a walk and when you mention it the excitement is contagious.
Dog playing inside with a ball

Keeping Your Dog Busy Indoors

Keeping your pet active indoors can be a challenge. We have clever ways to keep your pets occupied, out of trouble and possibly save your shoes or socks.
Girl and dog with a GPS tracker

GPS Tracker for Your Dog

PawTrails latest design includes a harness and collar so you get an all in one GPS solution for tracking your dog. Get insights into your pet’s daily life