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How to track your dog

How to Track Your Dog

Tracking your dog has never been easier. We show you how to use GPS to track your dog.
set up pawtrails device and app on the phone

How To Set Up My PawTrails Device & App

Setting up my PawTrails device and App is easy and quick. Have a look at our steps and advice on how to do it.
cost comparison for a gps dog tracker

What Is The Cost Of A GPS Dog Tracker?

The cost of a GPS dog tracker depends on the different features the tracker has to offer. Check out the cost comparison between PawTrails & other dog trackers. 
track your pet and never lose them again

Track Your Pet And Never Lose Them Again

Never lose your pet again! PawTrails app tracks your pet easily and quickly through our GPS harness or collar. It will give you real peace of mind.
pug with a black gps dog tracker in Ireland

Where Can I Find A GPS Dog Tracker in Ireland?

Where can I find a GPS dog tracker in Ireland? Online or instore, PawTrails has you covered. Find out where the nearest store is from you and get information on our pet care technology.
PawTrails reviews from all our customers

What Are The Reviews On PawTrails?

Choosing a GPS tracker for dogs can be hard. PawTrails reviews are here to help you, to ensure there is no doubt that PawTrails will be the right fit for you!
PawTrails red dog tracker in the uk

Where Can I Find A Dog Tracker In The UK?

Where can I find a dog tracker in the UK? Online or instore, PawTrails has you covered. Find out where the nearest store is from you and get information on our pet care technology. 
secure and waterproof smart collar

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Collars For Dogs

Are you confused by the term smart collar for dogs? Do you wonder how it works, the cost and advantages? Here is everything you need to know.
GPS Dog Harness

What Is A Tracker Harness For Dogs?

What is a tracker harness for dogs? PawTrails harness live tracks the location of your dog through GPS and allows you to track through a mobile app.
GPS Dog Tracker & Mobile App

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Dog Tracker

If you love your dog and would panic if he ever disappeared, then you need a GPS dog Tracker. Check out our top 3 reasons on why to buy a dog tracker!