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Dog Bite

Does Your Dog Bite?

Everything you need to know about why dogs bite and the steps to take if you are the victim of a dog attack.
Dog Nails

Taking Care of Your Dogs Nails

We go through the top considerations when caring for your dogs nails. Keep your pets paws in tip top shape with a pawicure
Dog eating plastic

My Dog Ate Plastic!

Has your dog ever swallowed plastic? We highlight the dangers, the signs to look for and how to react if you fear your dog has ingested a foreign object.
Dog medication

Tips About Medicating Your Dog

Medicating your dog can be a struggle but there are ways to make it easier, here are some of our tips that will make it easier.
Top Tips to Get Your Dog’s Exercise Back on Track

Top Tips to Get Your Dog’s Exercise Back on Track

Excess fat is damaging to your dogs health and can in fact reduce their life expectancy. Become your dog’s own personal trainer and exercise regularly.
Dogs having dinner at the table

Dog’s Christmas Dinner

The dinner we look forward to the most all year and the same can be said for your dog. Christmas dinner is a time of over indulging on our favorite foods.
Dog eating healthy food

Dog Snacks

What dog doesn’t get excited when you mention treats? Consider healthy treats for your dog, that you can give to them guilt free.
Check your dogs weight

Is It Fat Or Fluff?

Dogs are good at disguising weight, covering it up in a thick coat of fur. PawTrails has designed a Health Advisor to show if your dog is a healthy weight
Dog with a toothbrush

Keep Your Dog Smiling

Learn how to look for signs of tooth decay in your dog and what can causes it. We also explain ways to prevent tooth decay.
Check your dog for a microchip


Learn everything you need to know about getting your dog micro-chipped. We also have tips on other great ways to find & identify your pet if they go missing
Dog scratching

Tick & Flea Prevention And Treatment

Ticks and fleas are easily picked up in the grass by your dog. Prevention always is best but we have the best way to get rid of the creepy crawlies.
Dogs sleeping in the bed

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

It's a good idea to keep your pet stimulated with toys, interaction and walking to stop boredom and reduce the amount of time spent sleeping. PawTails lets you track how active your dog is with an activity monitor.