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Scoop The Dog Poop

Clean up after your dog

When you are out with your dog it is your responsibility to clean up after them. There is nothing worse than walking along and landing your shoe into a big pile of dog business because that smell follows you around. There is also the added incentive to clean up because if your dog is caught in the act and you ignore it you face a hefty littering fine, which cannot be repaid in dog treats.  

Scoop the poop

There has been a great effort from councils to install public dog poop bins to encourage owners to dispose of their pets waste correctly. To avoid being caught off guard when your dog decides to relieve themselves whilst out in public always carry a roll of dog poop bags on you. This will give you an easy way to collect and get rid of it into the nearest bin. Rather than remembering to put a bag in your pocket every time you go outyou can get a compact poop bag dispenser that you can attach to your dog lead. 

Poop bag

The PawTrails poop bag and dispenser has an easy to use clip which you can attach to your dog’s lead, so you never leave them behind.  

Dog poop bag features

  • 15 waste bags 
  • Dispenser 
  • Leak Proof & durable 
  • Easy to use clip 

Dog Poop Bag

Purchase 👉 Dog poop bags today

Available in 4 colours

Multicolored poop bag


Would you report a dog owner whose dog fouled when out walking?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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