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What Are The Reviews On PawTrails?

It can be difficult choosing a GPS tracking device for dogsReviews and product features are the main items that help people in deciding what brand to go with. Have a look below at some of PawTrails reviews. 

PawTrails reviews from all our customers

PawTrails Customers’ reviews  

Darran C. - 02/01/19  
“Great Product. Very happy with my purchase. The product is great and a credit to the company. It has a high degree of accuracy and their customer care is second to none. Very helpful people who have a passion for what they sell. It gives me great peace of mind.” 

Kasia R. - 11/10/18  
“I absolutely loved the PawTrails GPS and app. It’s really easy to use and it gives me confidence that my dogs won’t be lost during our hikes.” 

PawTrails reviews - Professional 

Equine Cents & Sensibility - 15/05/18 
“I love the PawTrail! Knowing that you can track your dog at any time of the day or night gives a dog owner complete peace of mind.”  

Arra Veterinary Clinic - 02/05/18 
“I always worry that Milo will get lost on his walks or go missing at home, or worse, someone would take him! This tracker gives you a live tracking of where your dog is so you can see it on your phone.” 

PawTrails reviews - Bloggers 

Loki The White Vikings - 24/11/18 
For a long time, I have been hesitant in buying a GPS tracker for my dogs. (With PawTrails) It’s a huge relief to know that I can find them thanks to the GPS, in case they ever go missing.

Beyond that, for great explorers like us, it’s always very useful to have the statistics and recordings of our adventures to see how many kilometers we have done, but also to be able to keep an eye on the variations in the activity of dogs that may indicate a possible health problem.” 

At Work? We Walk - 02/10/18 

“Nelson's GPS tracking system is absolutely fantastic. Pinpoint accuracyFergus was missing for a few days last month after running off from getting a fright. His owners and Nelson's chose your harness and I have to say I'm impressed. We go Adventuring to some pretty remote locations and it seems to be working pretty well!” 

PawTrails reviews are available on our product page and on social media. 


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