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Quick Guide To Stopping Your Dog Barking

All dogs bark but some bark more than others. If you have a dog that seems to be constantly barking, there are several reasons that could be influencing their need to make their emotions vocal. If you are looking to decrease the amount of barking the first thing you need to do is find the main trigger to cause them to bark. Barking is a dog’s way to vocally communicate how they are feeling.

Reasons for your dogs barking

  • One of the main reasons a dog will start barking is if someone or something enters what they consider their territory.
  • If your pet is frightened or scared they will bark as a defense mechanism.
  • Dogs are social animals and don’t like to be alone so can become bored and lonely when they are on their own to try and get someone’s attention by barking.
  • It’s not all bad when a dog barks though it can be there way to greet you when you arrive home followed with a wagging tail to indicate they are happy.

Ways to reduce your dogs barking

  • Remove the stimulant that is causing your dog to bark. If they bark at people passing by the window, control this by shutting the blinds or moving your pet to another room where they can’t see out the window.
  • If they continuously bark when left out in the garden bring them inside. It is not a good idea to leave your dog outside unsupervised all day and night as if they continue to bark all the time it may upset your neighbours.
  • A very basic trick to teach them is ‘quiet’ so that your pet learns to stop barking when they are told to be quiet. This trick can be thought by calling out the word quiet to distract them from barking and then rewarding them when they stop.
  • When your dog is barking don’t show them any attention until they have completely stopped. Then reward the behaviour of not barking with a treat or some attention. If they begin to bark again look away and ignore them until they stop again. You need to be consistent with this method of training until the dog learns it only gets rewarded for staying quiet.
  • Make sure your pet is getting enough exercise and stimulation throughout the day. A tired dog is a more relaxed dog, and this can help reduce the need to bark if they are content.
  • There are alternatives if you feel that there is an underlying behavioural issue that is causing your dog to constantly bark. Taking your dog to a professional dog trainer can really help improve their wellbeing

It’s not all bad for your dog to bark as they act as security for your and your home and great deterrent to any potential intruders. They can also alert you to danger or an emergency. But it is good for you to make sure your pet isn’t excessively barking. It can be very irritating for everyone within earshot.


What do find helps reduce your dog from barking?


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