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My Dog Ate Plastic!

Dogs Who Eat Everything 

Dogs chew on non-edible items all of the time and for different reasons. It could be down to teething, boredom, hunger or a general thrill out of making a mess. Over time this is something you can train your dog to stop doing or hope that they grow out of their bad habits and just stick to their food.  

The danger of plastic for your dog

Dogs can be very destructive chewing through pillows, hard plastic and even bones. Where in most cases a dog will chew on something that isn’t food and spit it out some dogs might go a bit further and swallow something they shouldn’t. There is a danger that a piece of plastic may become lodged in your pet’s throat and cause them to choke. Depending on the size of the foreign object it can cause damage throughout your pets’ digestive system as their body tries to pass it through. There is also a high risk of it getting stuck on the way through which will cause your pet huge discomfort. This may lead to your dog needing emergency surgery to remove the plastic object to prevent it causing any further damage. 

You might be lucky enough that if the plastic is small enough your dog will be able to pass it naturally which will save vet intervention and costly bills.  


Always keep plastic bags out of reach from your dog and other plastic items that could tempt them to chew. Also be vigilant when out walking your dog. If you do see plastic lying around on your walk do the right thing and pick it up to create a better environment for all the dogs that walk in that area.

Plastic is not for dogs

Look for the signs

Check for the signs that your dog may have eaten plastic. The first thing to notice is if something has gone missing that your dog would have access to or if there is evidence of chewing on plastic around the houseYou know your dog better than anyone so if your dog starts: 

  • Acting out of character 
  • Showing signs of discomfort 
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation 

Stay Calm

If you stay calm, it will help keep your dog stay calm, so they don’t panic and lodge the plastic deeper or cause further damage.  

Contact your vet

If you suspect your dog has swallowed something they shouldn’t have, and they are showing you one of the signs of discomfort from above, contact your vet immediately. Dogs can turn very fast and, in some cases, if not treated quick there will be irreversible damage caused and possible risk to life. 


Has your dog ever swallowed plastic? 


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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