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Keep Your Dog Smiling

Dogs teeth need looking after just like humans. Your dog may not need their teeth brushed as often as you because they don’t have a high sugar content in their diet which is the main cause of tooth decay. Therefore, you should avoid sharing your sugary treats with your pet. Even when they give you those puppy eyes.

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You should investigate your dogs’ mouth regularly to see if there are any signs of dental problems. If you do start to notice a build-up of plaque on your pets’ teeth, it is worth getting a children’s soft tooth brush and gently rubbing their teeth with water or dog toothpaste to take off any excess build-up of food. DO NOT use regular human toothpaste as it is likely to contain fluoride which is toxic for dogs. Brushing will help reduce decaying issues later in life that may cause pain or even removal of teeth.


As dogs get older their gums will become weaker and this can in turn cause tooth loss. To help reduce the effects of aging on the gums and teeth, you should feed your pet a healthy diet to maintain good oral hygiene and tooth health.

Giving your dog soft chew toys is another great way for dogs to look after their own teeth.

Treats that promote healthy gums are available in most major supermarkets that can help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Warning Signs

It is hard for your dog to tell you that they are in pain. They are prone to tooth aches just like you are, so you need to watch out for any unusual behaviour. Things that may suggest your pet is having issues are:

  • Changes in eating habits
  • Bad breath
  • Unusual chewing habits

If they are showing signs of discomfort refer to a vet to investigate further.

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Do you brush your dog’s teeth?


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