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Is Your Dog Right Or Left Pawed?

Have you ever asked yourself which paw does my dog prefer to use, right or left? Well if yes, we have the answers for you. Just like humans’ animals have a preference as to which paw they like to use when completing tasks. It isn’t as obvious as it is in humans because it is unlikely your pet will pick up a pen and paper and start writing. There is also the possibility that your pet could be ambidextrous, so they might not even have a preference between left paw or right paw. Knowing whether your dog is a righty, or a lefty doesn’t indicate their behaviour or reflect training they have had but it’s interesting to find out.

Give me the paw

If you are curious to find out which is your pet’s strong side, here are ideas of how you could do it:

Left or Right Test

  • Which paw does your dog offer you to shake when you ask for the paw?
  • When your dog knocks on the door to go out or come back inside which paw do they use?
  • If you place something slightly out of reach on the table or under a couch, which paw do they reach out to retrieve it?
  • If you give your pet a treat or a chew toy which paw do they use to hold it down?

It is worth repeating the test over time to see if one paw is more consistently used over the other. Try it out on your dog and see which paw comes out as being their favourite to use or if there is no clear difference, it is very possible your pet could be ambidextrous and doesn’t mind which paw they use. Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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Is your dog right or left pawed?

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