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Is My Pet A Healthy Weight?

A constant worry for pet owners is their dogs weight. PawTrails GPS smart collar and app have implemented a body condition score (BCS) feature to their app, which allows you to determine whether your dog is underweight, overweight or the ideal weight. Examine your pets health and weight from the comfort of your own home through a visual and hands on assessment of your dog.

The app asks you a series of questions, then scores your pet between 1 and 5, with one being very thin and five indicating the dog may be over weight.

Body Conditioning Score

Here is instruction on how to BCS your pet from Mr Keane himself :


The added bonus for you is the valuable advice the app provides you with to help maintain or improve your pets weight. PawTrails app is designed to offer you support, so you can be the best pet carer. This PawTrails feature was created by Joe Keane, who is a veterinary surgeon with over 15 years experience.

The PawTrails app puts you in the right direction to improving and maintaining your pet’s health! A healthy pet is a happy home. 

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