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Is It Fat Or Fluff?

Food Choices

We all like to reward our pets for good behaviour with treats. However, you need to know the limit when it comes to spoiling your pet. Too many treats can have a negative effect on your pet’s waistline. An overweight dog brings a whole host of other health issues. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your pet’s weight to keep your vet bill low in the long run.

You also should be aware of the food you are feeding your pet to ensure that it is not high in fat. If you feel your pet is gaining too much weight and you are not over feeding it, it could be down to the quality of the food. There are a great range of low-calorie dog foods available on the market to help keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Check Ups

Ensure you bring your pet for their yearly check up to the vet, always get them to weigh your dog and advise on whether they are underweight, overweight or the ideal weight. They can also recommend steps to take to improve or maintain your pets’ weight.


PawTrails has designed a Health Advisor into the app, which allows you to determine if your dog is a healthy weight or not, through a process called Body Condition Scoring. This process is where you must give your dog a visual and hands-on assessment. Joe Keane who has been a veterinary surgeon for over 20 years, worked on this function of the app with us.

Some dogs are good at disguising weight by covering it up in a thick coat of fur. So, this approach is great to get a better idea of your dog’s size and shape.

If your dog is under/overweight and you make changes to your pet’s lifestyle based on recommendations made to you in the PawTrails app, you can go back and reassess and see has there been any improvements on your pet’s weight.

How does body conditioning scoring work you might ask!

We will let Joe take it from here to explain everything.


Do you know if your pet is a healthy weight?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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