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How to Track Your Dog

Technology to track your dog

Technology has become a big part of every aspect of our lives and there are now even pet wearablesPet wearables are must have gadgets for pet owners to get their hands on. Dog owners want to keep their dogs safe that is why we train them to stay secure, keep them on leads and make sure they get their regular check-ups. That’s why GPS has come on the scene to add an extra level of security and peace of mind when caring for your dog. 

Tracking Dogs with GPS

Technology for dogs is on the rise and who knows where we are going to go from here. GPS is a growing trend to keep track of your pet’s activity and in order to see their live location when you are not around. 

GPS mobile app

Setting up PawTrails Track My Dog App

  1. PawTrails app is available on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store to download for FREE. 
  2. In a couple of simple steps, you enter your pets’ details into the PawTrails app to set up your trackerSee how easy it is to set up your GPS tracker.

      3. Attach the GPS To Your Dog -you need to decide whether the harness or              the collar suits your dog and place the GPS tracker into the device holder.  

      4. Before you head of on your adventure check that your device is connected            and receiving your dog’s live location. 

Live Locating Your Dog

See your pets every move even when they think you’re not watching, and they are planning their great escape over the back fence. Live tracking gives you the precise location of your dog when you are out adventuring or just hanging about around the house. 

  • Go to the Live Tracking map on the PawTrails app
  • Select the dog you want to track 
  • See the precise location of your pet on satellite or map view 


There are great benefits to new GPS tracking technology for dogs. It significantly reduces the risk of losing your dog if they escape and increases the likely hood that you will be able to locate them much faster. This will help reduce the stress for both you and your dog from being separated for a long period of time. 

Now you can actively find your dog without having to rely on someone picking up your pet and bringing it to a vet to check its microchip.  


Do you see pet technology being useful for your dog when you are out and about with them walking or just in the home? 



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the team at PawTrails

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