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How To Set Up My PawTrails Device & App

Thank you for choosing PawTrailsThe manual included in your box should easily guide you through the set up. To help, you can find the steps here as well.  


set up pawtrails device and app on the phone - 6 steps

Set up my device 

  1. Charge the device 
  • Attach the PawTrails device to the charging station and plug the charging station into a power source.  
  • The LED light will flash while it is charging, when it’s fully charged the red light will stop flashing and the light will remain still/constant.  
  • We recommend that you have fully charged the device before you start (should take up to 3 and a half hours).  
  1. Install the PawTrails App  
  • Download the PawTrails application on your smartphone: on IOS, go to App Store and for Android, go to Play Store 
  • Search for PawTrails & click download.  
  • Once PawTrails is downloaded, create a username and password or connect with Facebook. The email address chosen will be linked to the account, so make sure to always use the same one when logging in.  
  1. Turn on the device 

The device will be on after charging, please restart by pressing the button for at least 3 seconds, the light will start flashing. The light will then stop flashing after a couple of seconds. Please repeat this step to turn it back on (no light will be visible while the device is active). 

  1. Set up my PawTrails App (Android & IOS):   
  • Scan the QR code which is located on the back of the PawTrails device.  
  • Fill out all your pet’s details.  
  • Your PawTrails device will then connect to the app. 
  • Now go outside and start moving your device to receive the tracker initial location on the app. 
  1. Attach the device to the collar or harness 

Insert the PawTrails device into the device holder on the collar or harness, twist the device anti-clockwise until it securely locks into place in the holder (match the line on the side of the device with the dot on the device holder and twist anti-clockwise 180° / half turn).   

  1. Now you are set up and ready to use PawTrails

Open the app and explore the functionalities. If you are still having trouble setting up your device, please contact us.

Watch this video that sums up the steps on how to set up a device:




Love from 

the team at PawTrails 

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