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How do You Recognise Your Dog?

It’s funny how we can tell our pets apart from everyone else’s dogs. It could be a marking on their fur or simply how they react when they see you. If you were to walk into a room full of dogs that are similar in size and looks how would you spot your dog? What is it that makes your dog a little different to all the other dogs? 

1. Your Dog’s Features

We spend so much time with our four-legged friends that they really do become part of the family, so we get to know all their markings and features very well. So, we usually would have no difficulty in giving great detail about what ours dogs look like. 

Rottweiler Puppy

2. Images of Your Dog

No doubt we all have a phone full of pictures to back up our description of our dog. If your dog was to go missing these images will become very useful information to give a detailed description of your dog to help searchers identify them. 

3. Your dog will remember you

When you go away for a period of time and leave your dog in a kennel or with a dog sitter its so satisfying to see how happy they are when you return to collect them. Dogs will recall familiar sounds that they will associate with you including your voice. A dog’s sense of smell is also so strong that they can often smell you before they can even see you.  

However, it is all in that special moment when you return and how your dog lights up with excitement to welcome you back every time. That is when you really know they know who you are and where they belong. 

4. The bond with your dog is unbreakable

It really doesn’t matter how far or how long you are separated from your dog. The bond you build with your pet is one that is hard to break. A dog’s love is unconditional and no matter what gets between you and your pet they will always love you. A dog will never forget their owner just like you would never forget them. 


What is different with your dog to all other dogs?


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