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Halloween For Dogs 

It’s scare season and that means loads of ghouls and ghosts are out and about having fun trick or treating. It can be a scary time of the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Bring your dog out during the day and let them have a good look around at what’s going on in your area. If your dog is usually kept outside, it is one of the nights we would recommend bringing them into the house. This will help reduce the risk of them trying to escape in fear if there is a lot of noise or fireworks going off. 

Dog costume for Halloween


There are some very clever doggy costumes and people get very creative with their pets. Not all dogs enjoy dressing up so if they seem uncomfortable or agitated don’t dress your pet up. The most important part is that your dog is happy to play along. Some dogs even enjoy being wrapped up in another layer almost like a comfort blanket and may we add they look super cute. 


There are lots of fun and games that are going on around Halloween so make sure your pet is safe and secure in your home away from all the noise. There is a much higher risk of your pet getting a fright and it can cause them to bolt and hide. Having PawTrails GPS tracker on your dog means if they do manage to get out or run away you will be able to find them straight away.  


If you have all your treats stocked up and ready for the visitors and children calling Halloween night, make sure to keep them up high and out of reach of your dog. Chocolate can especially be very toxic for dogs. Give your dog some dog friendly treats so they can join in on the fun and distract them from other human treat temptations. 


Does it bother your dog when trick or treaters call to your door on Halloween? 


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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