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Protect your home

Once dogs make themselves at home and know the bounds of their territorythey will become very protective of that space and their owners. During the winter months the rate of break ins and thefts see a significant rise, having a dog around may reduce the risk of your home being robbed. 

Pug at the door


You can improve your security very easily by introducing a dog into the family home acting as a deterrent to intrudersDogs have a great sense of smell to detect a suspicious visitor and a great ability to sense an unwanted presence. A burglar is less likely to enter your home if they are aware a dog is present 


It’s not always about having a dog with an imposing stature and size but more about the noise they make to alert people. A dog with a loud bark might be all the guarding you need. Most dogs are vocal as there way of communicating and owners can tell by their tone whether it is playful or alerting them to something else. Your dogs bark might be all that is needed to even alert a neighbor or passers-by to draw their attention to the house or investigate what is causing the upset. 


No matter how big or small your dog is, they are a great way to make you feel more secure when you are home aloneIn many cases they don’t even need to see the size of the dog, as their bark alone can cause them to run in the opposite direction. 

It is the equivalent to having someone on watch around the clock who does not tire from the job they are doing.  


Is your dog good at alerting you when someone comes to the door? 


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