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GPS Tracker for Your Dog

PawTrails latest design transforms into both a harness and a collar so you get an all in one GPS solution for tracking your dog. PawTrails gives you insights into your pet’s daily life.

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The Top 4 Benefits of PawTrails

1. Peace of Mind

Give your dog the freedom to explore with PawTrails, as you know you can keeps tabs on their location. No matter how adventurous your dog is you can rest assure that PawTrails tracking device is both waterproof and durable, that’s built to last all weather and terrain.

2. Awareness

Keeping track of your pet’s daily activity has never been easier with a simple click on your phone.

3. Getting Fit Together

Get fit with your dog by tracking their progress while you are out exploring, everything you need to track and monitor you pet.

4. Easy to Use

There are step by step guides in the app that help you get the most out of your PawTrails GPS smart tracker. PawTrails offers you interactive insights into your pets’ life through the FREE to download app. We offer 100% customer support if you have any questions about how it works, we are always here to help.

Let your dog be the envy of all other dogs with PawTrails 😊



Do you ever wonder what your dog gets up to throughout the day?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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  • bonjour le gps peut il aller dans l’eau peut on avoir deux harnais de taille différente pour un seul gps j’ai 2 chien que je ne proméne pas en méme temps merci


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