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Getting Festive With Your Dog

Dogs at Christmas

It is officially acceptable to start counting how many sleeps we have left until Santa paws arrives and we are so excited. The Christmas decorations are up and the place is looking very festive. The lead up to the big day can be just as much fun as the day itself with so much happening and everyone home to celebrate.  


There always seems to be endless amounts of chocolate and nice things around the house for Christmas. They can be a hard temptation to resist for both humans and dogs alike. Keep your sugary goods out of reach from your pets to avoid them dog getting sick and over indulging. If you want to treat them to some healthy snacks check out our “Dog Snacks” blog.  

Christmas dog with treats


Most decorations we hang around the house aren’t very pet safe and can easily shatter. It is very easy for your dog to mistake baubles swinging from the tree as an invitation to play. Broken ornaments and baubles can be sharp and cause injury to your pet if consumed. Keep decorations out of reach where possible 


If you stack your presents under the tree it might be a good idea not to if your dog tends to be reckless. There could be disappointment when you get up on Christmas morning when the dog beats you to opening all the gifts left under the tree. 

Christmas Tree

To a dog it is seen as a great convenience to bring the outdoors in. If there is a scent of previous dogs on your tree, don’t be surprised if your dog gets the urge to mark his territory on his new indoor tree. This can pose a risk with electrics so be sure to keep a close eye on them if they go to lift their leg. 

Lights & Wires 

One of the best parts of Christmas is all the twinkling lights around the tree and house. This means extra leads and wires lying around for your dog to get tangled up inKeep wires to a minimum and secure loose leads to reduce them getting caught up in them and taking everything down with them. 


What is your favorite part about the lead up to Christmas? 


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the team at PawTrails

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