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Flying With Your Pet

It’s not what you are thinking there isn’t a new breed of dog that has grown wings but just like us they can also hop on board a flight and jet off into the sunset.

This isn’t as easy and straight forward as booking a ticket and getting them to the airport though. Like you and me your pet also needs an up to date passport along with vaccinations and screening to ensure it meets the destinations requirements. Consult your vet before jetting of with your four-legged friend and ensure they are in full health to travel.

1. Pet Passport

Applications for pet passports in Ireland can be got from any private vet practitioner. Adding a photo of your pet to their passport is optional but if you do decide you would like to include one bring a photo no bigger than 6 cm wide and 4 cm along to the vet consultation. Alternatively, you can fill out this Pet Passport application to speed up the process. This application covers a passport for destinations within the EU. If you are planning on traveling further other restrictions may apply depending on the region so, do your research.

Dog passport photo

2. Airlines

With all airlines it is important to arrange pet transport in advance of booking your own flight tickets, to ensure they are given the all clear to travel with you. In most cases airlines need a minimum of 72 hours’ notice in advance of travel.

Ryanair budget airline unfortunately do not offer any service to carry pets on-board or in the hold. On certain routes they do allow guide and assistance dogs, but this must be arranged in advance of flying.  

Aer Lingus offer live animal transportation through Freight Forwarding. They also accommodate guide and assistance dogs on board the flight, provided they are accompanied by there owner and the relevant certification.

3. Cost

Transporting your pet doesn’t come free or complimentary due to the fact you are flying with an airline. There are several costs associated with pet travel so take this into consideration, so you go with the easiest and most cost-effective option.

Have you ever flown to another country with your pet? What was your experience? We would love to hear your stories, let us know in the comments below.


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