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Dog Snacks

What dog doesn’t get excited when you mention treats? Humans are very similar in the way we react at the thought of nice snacks.  

When you think of treats you think instantly that they can’t be good for you. But thats not always the case, there are loads of snacks you and your dog can enjoy guilt free. 

dog eating food from the fridge


These are a great substitute when you are training your dog, so you are not over feeding them fatty dog treats. Vegetable snacks will allow you to keep better control of their weight. It also means if you dog is on a diet to lose weight you don’t have to cut out snacks all together, if you substitute for vegetables. Try vegetables as treats for your dog and you will be surprised how much they will enjoy them. They are also great for your pets’ teeth. 3 vegetables to get your teeth stuck into: 

  • Carrots 
  • Lettuce 
  • Cucumber


Always give in moderation because even through fruit is good for you, it’s high in natural sugars and acid. This can cause tooth decay if you are not regularly brushing your dog’s teeth. Our top 3 recommendations are: 

  • Apples 
  • Bananas 
  • Blueberries


Human biscuits are generally very high in salt and sugar so giving you dog a bit of your treat isn’t a good idea for their health. But there are options available that are suitable for your dog in small amounts. We like these 3 biscuits to take the edge off the hunger: 

  • Rich Tea 
  • Cream Crackers
  • Rusks

Its important to always check the nutritional information on the packaging as variations in salt and sugar levels can be different depending on the brand. 

We hope you have fun introducing new snacks into your dogs diet and seeing how they react to see if they are enjoying them. But always be conscious that dogs cannot always eat the same as humans, so always check that the ingredients are suitable for your dog when giving them any human food as a treat. 


What food have you been surprised that your dog likes?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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