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Dog Show

Best in show

Do you think your dog has what it takes to enter a dog show? The best dog show of the year is taking place this week and we cannot help thinking would our dogs be able to complete the Crufts obstacle course. 

Entering into a dog show

This is the easiest part of the whole process going down through all the different categories and deciding what category would best suit your dog to enter. Entering your dog in your local shows are just as much fun as going for gold at the big events. Its worth entering your dog into a small show first to see how they react when all eyes are on them and if they can still keep the focus.  

Best dog show

Last year’s winner of the Queen Of The Sea, Youghal dog show sponsored by PawTrails 


This is where things get serious whether you are there as a serious contender or entering for fun. There are so many things that will run through your mind when you enter the dog show ring. Will my dog listen to me, stay still, remember the tricks I have spent hours teaching and not be distracted by all the chaos that is going on around them? You get overwhelmed with the what-ifs. The best advice we can give you is stay calm. 

Dog awards

And the winner is…… the tension mounts as everyone waits in anticipation for the dog show results. A chance to show off your dog on the podium to everyone. It may not be you winning the award but when your dog wins an award it’s a very exciting experience. 

Proud dog owner 

It’s a very proud moment for any dog owner to receive recognition for your pet’s performance in any category. The award that is particularly favourited is the judges’ favourite dog which is based more on personality, then you know you have raised a great dog.  

Bragging Dog Rights

When your dog wins any kind of an award it gives you bragging rights to show off the achievement to all your friends and family. We also think it is completely acceptable to bombard your social media with loads of pictures of your dog with their prize. Everyone appreciates a dog winning an award no matter what event they win in. The more dog pictures on the internet the better. 

So why not get your dog show ready because it is their time to shine. Try out their skills at home by making up a couple of obstacles in the garden. Keep an eye out for local shows for you to trial your dog’s performance.  


Have you entered your dog into a show? 


Love from

the team at PawTrails

Dog Collar

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