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Dog’s Christmas Dinner

Dog’s Dinner 

Its probably one of the dinners we most look forward to throughout the year. Christmas dinner is a time of over indulging on our favorite foods. The dinner is the main event of the big day where everyone gathers around to celebrate together. It is one of the few occasions where the effort is made to go all out with a starter, main and desert.  


If you are getting your dog involved, make sure to be conscious not to over feed them and use portion control. Loads of small bits of food add up and can make your dog sick if they eat too much. We recommend skipping starters for your pet and letting then wait for mains to avoid over eating. 

Christmas Dog Dinner


Main course is easy because most of what we have on the dinner plate is suitable for your pet. From roast turkey, to carrots and parsnipsthey are all safe to feed your pet.  

Foods to avoid:

  1. It is advisable not to give your dog a bone from the roast meat, as tempted as it might be. Bones can be very dangerous as they break into shards and can cause internal damage, or your dog might find them hard to digest. Disposing of your bones elsewhere is much safer than giving them to your dog.  
  1. Fatty foods can cause digestive inflammation for your dog, food such as the skin of the chicken or turkey should also be avoided.  


Dogs don’t need dessert but if you do want them to be treated like everyone else there is no harm in the occasional treat. Food that you could give your pet for dessert include bananas, apples or simply just their usually doggy treat to sit down and enjoy after their dinner.  

Foods to avoid:  

  1. Avoid giving your pet human desserts especially chocolate and sugary treats.   
  1. Mince pies, Christmas cake and fruit cake are all off the menu for your dog too, as dried fruit is toxic for your pet.  

Top Tip 

If you are one of the lucky ones who will be tucking into a feast like this take a moment to consider the people and animals who are not as lucky this year. Drop by your local shelter or food bank and donate what you can. We can sometimes over buy and rather than leave it go to waste give someone else the benefit of it.  


What is your favorite part of Christmas dinner? 


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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