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Dog Hair Care

How to get your dog’s hair under control


Giving your pet a good rub is satisfying for both you and your dog, as it gets rid of loose hair and your dog loves the attention. The hair on most dogs heads is much softer to touch than the rest of their body as it is the most frequently rubbed area. 


Give you dog a quick brush every day, to get rid of the loose hair. This will reduce the amount of hair left stuck to furniture and clothes around the house. Dogs love a good brushing it also helps their skin breath and stops their hair from matting. 

Brushing my dog


Washing your dog varies but you should never excessively wash your pet as you remove all the good oils from the surface of their skin which can cause it to dry out and become irritated. 

In general, your dog only needs a wash when their odor starts to become noticeable but when you do wash your dog it is a great way to get rid of unwanted loose hairs. 

Here are some tips for washing your dog.


If your dog has a lot of hair and you find it over whelming trying to get it under control when they start to shed, get in touch with your local groomers. They will tame your dog’s mane and even give them a trim to tidy them up.  


A good coat on your dog starts from the inside out. Food is another great way to improve the texture of your dog’s hair. Adding a spoon of cod-liver oil to your dog’s dinner can be good for their overall health as well as improving the condition of their coat. 


Do you have any tips for dogs who shed a lot? 


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