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Does Having A Dog Make You More Attractive?

Love At First Sight

We are all attracted to dogs and who wouldn’t be? They are just so adorable but does owning a dog make you more attractive to other humans?  

Ice Breaker

Having a dog is a great way to meet people with similar interests when out walking. It is also a great ice breaker and gives you both something to talk about. Most dog owners love to boast about their dog and share photos of their dog, which is good way to avoid any awkward silences on a date. 

Find your true dog love


There are plenty of studies available that support the claim that you are more likely to make a connection with someone who owns a dog. This is because people perceive them to be a more nurturing, approachable, empathetic and caring person. It also gives off the impression that a person has the ability to care for others. 

Make Them A Dog Lover

It all depends on how highly you value the dog in your life? Are you more hesitant to date someone who is not a big fan of dogs like youDon’t hold a grudge though because people’s opinion can change, and they could come to love your dog as much as you do 

So, get out and watch out for the good-looking dogs that may have your true love at the other end of the lead. 


Are you more likely to date someone who owns a dog? 


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