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Do Dogs Like Music?

Whether you're at home or in the car blaring the music, have you ever noticed if you pet reacts to different styles of music? Dogs don’t like loud music, as they have very sensitive hearing, so it can sometimes be more irritating than relaxing for them. The best kind of music to play around your pet is low tempo and slower paced music, as this tends to have a more calming effect for both your and your pet. If you are playing music while your pet is around try not to have it up too loud to save both you and your dog’s hearing.

Yes or No

Some dogs even start howling, as if they are singing along with the music when in fact they could be voicing their discomfort or annoyance with the noise. It can also depend on the type of music you are listening to and if the pitch is too high.  Then again there are other dogs that also like the sound of their own voice and may just love the attention it draws to them when they start singing to the music. Some dogs don’t even need music they only need their owner to start singing and they will join in.

Dog music bark

If you are unsure on whether your dog likes music or not, you should build a positive association with music. Do this by playing it during moments where your dog shows signs of being happy and relaxed, such as when they are eating or playing. They will then relate music to happy moments and will give them good feelings. It can also be comforting if they get lonely when you are away, this might remind them of you and give them a feeling of being more secure as if you were there with them.

Dog Music

Believe it or not there is also music that is specifically created for dogs and you don’t have to look far to find some. A quick search on the internet and you will find soundtracks that are perfectly suited to any dog.


How good a singer is your dog?


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