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Do Dogs Like Hugs?

There is nothing better than a good cuddle and feeling the love from your pet. Dogs have so much love to give and with the right care and attention they will pay it back with interest. Even though your pet might be very affectionate, that it is not the case for all dogs so don’t go around hugging every dog you meet. As tempting as that is!

Nervous Dogs

There are dogs that can be nervous so embracing them will only increase their stress levels as they may feel restricted and unable to flee if they feel uncomfortable. If you can sense they are not happy about the embrace you should leave go and a good old-fashioned rub will do the trick to cheer them up.  Most dogs will love all the attention but there are dogs that are not as social and may be uncomfortable. A common sign that indicates if a dog is anxious is that they will look away and avoid eye contact. Watch a pet’s body language to see whether they are showing signs of discomfort before you get too close and personal.

Nervous dog on the couch

Interacting with a dog is seen as a great reliever of stress and is very calming, we recommend everyone to try it. Just being in the presence of dogs makes us happy. However, we advise you to save your hugs for humans and a good belly rub for your dog will keep them happy.


Does your dog crave attention all the time?


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