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Disciplining Your Dog

Do you struggle to get your pet to behave and do as he/she is told? We have all been there when a new dog comes into the house and it is up to you to teach them the laws of the land. It is a good idea to start enforcing rules from the minute they step into your home to ensure they stick with them.

Bad Habits

Dogs can pick up bad habits very fast and if you don’t teach them right and wrong you will encounter a lot more behavior issues down the line, as they adapt to their environment. You need to show them who is boss and be the alpha dog in your pet’s eyes for them to fully heed your commands.

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House training

One of the first things most people focus on is house training their pet which is tedious at the beginning but should take no longer than two weeks of constant reminders that the toilet is outside. Rather than disciplining your dog by being physical with them we recommend rewarding good behaviours, so they know what to do to get a reward. Even if it means you follow them out to the garden and when they go let them know you are happy with them.

It is also a good idea to train your pet in simple commands to make life much easier and your pet more manageable, if they still have a bit of growing to do. Repetition is the key to successfully disciplining you pet to do simple tasks. Unfortunately, they don’t stay small forever, so it is good to have control, so they are easier to manage in the long run.

If you are keeping your dog in the house while you are out, you should always keep plenty of stimulating toys around to keep them entertained. Using the method of distraction and keeping your pet busy could save the couch from becoming a chew toy.


What tricks do you use to train your pet?


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