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Dog Christmas Gift Guide

How organised are you this year for Christmas? Have you everything ready to go under the tree or are you waiting until last minute to start panicking? We know how difficult it can be to get a gift that is both practical and fun so we’re here to help you out.  

Something special For Your Dog

Don’t fret we have the perfect pet present for the dog lover in your life. Treat them to a PAWTRAILS GPS DOG TRACKER THIS YEARthat includes both a harness and a collar.  

track your pet app_track your dog app_dog collar gps app

PawTrails is an easy to use GPS tracker with a mobile app, which allows you to see what your dog is getting up to throughout the day. Keep up with your pets antics and let them know both you and Santa are watching them now. Its a great way to see their live location and monitor their activity levels throughout the day.  

PawTrails will help bring you closer than ever to your dog and it also means they won’t be able to stray far without you noticing. If they do chase down Santa’s reindeer, you will be able to track them down. The fun is endless with PawTrails. 

Stocking Fillers For Pets

PawTrails now also have a new accessory line, ideal for practical gifts for dogs that are on the go. 

1. 250 ml Travel Drinking Bottle  

Always have water at your fingertips to keep your pet hydrated while on the move. 

Dog water portable drinking bottle

2. Poop Bags

Durable and leak proof poop bags for when you're out on an adventure with your four-legged friend. Practical, odorless and environmentally friendly bags.  

Dog poo bag refill


Have you started your Christmas shopping?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

Dog Collar

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