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Back to School for Dogs and Kids

Does your dog suffer from the back to school blues as much as your children do? Dogs have a great bond with children and can go through separation anxiety when children go back to school and they no longer have them around the house all day.

You might be happy the children are heading back to school and are ready for a couple of hours of peace and quiet but not everyone will be happy about it. Your dog can become very upset being left behind and the lack of attention throughout the day, that your children would have given them during the summer holidays.

Dog on the couch

Things you can do to help your dog get through the loss of their day time play mate

1. Scent

Put an item of clothing belong to your children with the dog. The scent can help calm them and remind them of the person they are missing. Best to give them an old item of clothing just in case they have tendencies to chew things.

2. Toys

keep stimulating toys available for them to play with to avoid your dog getting bored throughout the day.

3. Routine

Get your dog into the school routine so they understand that when you leave you will still come back later. Dogs are clever enough to tell the time and you will find them waiting by the door at the time the children are due to arrive home from school.

4. Kennels

If your dog is really struggling to relax when they are left at home on their own, it could be a good idea to investigate your nearest kennels that could take them into doggy day care. If you think you are going to be away for an extended period, this is a great way to ensure they are happy and looked after while you are away.

5. Departure

Avoid big emotional goodbyes when you are leaving the house to keep your dog calm and relaxed as you head out.

6. Exercise

If your house isn’t too busy in the morning, try and squeeze in a quick walk with the dog to satisfy him. Even better if you walk to school with the children why not let the dog tag along to see them off.

7. Music

If your dog is being left alone in the house and is used to noise and people around, turn on the radio or some low music to sooth the silence.

Tell Us

If you have some helpful tips to keep your dog happy when the children go back to school?

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