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A Helping Paw

Dogs are extremely intelligent, and it is easy to see why they have been called man's best friend for centuries. Their quick learning abilities has helped humans to complete from the most basic tasks to the more challenging ones. We can learn a lot from our 4-legged companions in the way they show such compassion and patience.  

It can take up to 2 years of constant training to get a dog fully certified as a service dog. As you can image the cost is high and not all dogs make the grade. So, if you ever have time on your hands, find out how you can help a service puppy by volunteering or fundraising 

Dogs are used for many differed purposes and serve people with a range of needs. Everything from emotional support to guiding the path they walk. 

Service puppy harness


People who suffer from anxiety or depression can be comforted during an attack by a dog who will aid in calming and distracting their owner. Dogs are a great emotional support when you are feeling at your lowest because they don’t judge you and put people at ease.  


Dogs can be a great aid to helping with basic tasks to make the lives of their owner a little bit easier. They can be trained to assist the blind, deaf and owners with limited mobility. Dogs can be the support a person needs to live independently without the need to rely on someone 24/7, assistant dogs can give people back their freedom. 


If you need something sniffed out dogs can be trained to detect things such as contraband to missing persons. Medically trained dogs are also able to alert their owner if they are about to suffer from a seizure, this is so the owner can find a safe place to lie down to minimize injury. 


Top Tip: The most important thing to understand about service dogs is that they are working dogs and should never be distracted. If you see a dog with a jacket or specialised harness you should not treat them like you would treat any other dog. It is a good idea to ask the owner's permission to approach the dog, so that they can make you aware of whether it is a good or bad time for the dog in case he is working.  


Do you know anyone who has had their lives transformed because of a service dog?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

Dog Collar

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