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Travelling With Your Pet

Dog travelling in the car

Picking a holiday destination that is pet friendly isn’t always easy. Whether it be a long stay or a just a weekend away you want to make the most of your trip. 

1. Research

It is important to do your homework when going on any trip but especially when your four-legged companion is tagging along. Doing your research in advance means less last-minute stress and more time to sit back and enjoy your break away.  

2. Exercise

If you have a pet that isn’t used to travelling or simply gets overly excited at the sight of a lead it is a good idea to give them lots of exercise to wear them out before setting off. This will give them less energy to be jumping around in the car. It will also help if a pet is a nervous traveler and encourage them to sleep during the journey. 

3. Secure 

If you are embarking on a car journey to get to your location it is very important for you and your pets safety that they are securely tied in. Depending on the size of the dog there are a number of different options but never leave your dog to freely walk around the car as it may cause distraction to the driver. 

4. Rest

On long journeys it is a good idea to break it up by stopping and stretching the legs and allowing your pet to do the same. Make sure to bring plenty of liquid to ensure your pet doesn’t become dehydrated on the journey. Toilet breaks are also a good idea to avoid any accidents in the car. 

5. GPS Tracker

Being in a strange environment can be both a scary and exciting experience for your petYou may have concerns that if they run off they are unfamiliar with the area and that they wont be able to find their way back to you. It is a good idea to invest in a GPS tracker for your pet so if they do venture off you will be able to locate them.  PawTrails GPS Smart collar may be the ideal fit for you, to ensure you have peace of mind knowing you’ll always be able to live track your pet on the PawTrails App.  
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