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Protect Your Dog In The Sun

We all love nothing more than talking about the weather, especially when we are prone to getting all four seasons in one week. This week comes as no exception as we seem to have had everything from tropical sunshine, downpours of rain and even a thunderstorm in the middle of it. With all of that in mind it is important to spare a thought for your pets in changing weather.

1. Water & Shade

Access to fresh water and a shaded area is so important. Fill your pets water bowl more frequently in the hot weather and even add a couple of ice cubes to keep it cool for longer. You should also not let your pet lounge in the sun for more than 30 minutes at a time during the mid-day sun. Too much sun exposure can cause them to overheat very quickly so you should keep an eye on them when they are out sunning themselves. They regulate body temperature differently to humans as they don’t sweat, dogs pant to cool down. If your pet starts excessively panting, take them into a cooler area.

2. Walking

We have all been making the most of the rise in temperature and getting out and about but if you are heading for a walk with your pet make sure not to overdo it. Take your time and take regular breaks, as most pets would not be used temperatures of 20 plus degrees. If you are bringing your pet out for a walk stick to the evening time when it gets a bit cooler. Avoid walking on hot surfaces such as concrete, pavements, stones and sand because it can cause your dogs paw pads to blister, swell and become sore. If you are walking on any of these surfaces you should invest in a pair of dog booties to avoid damaging their little paws. Incorporate a swim into your pets walk if you live near the sea, river or a lake to let them go for a paddle to cool down.

Dog Swimming in water

3. Grooming

Most dogs carry a think layer of fur that can cause them to get hot very fast in the summer. If it becomes too hot, it is a good idea to bring your pet to a groomer

4. Travelling

If you are travelling with your pet it is never a good idea to leave them alone in the car but if you do make sure to keep windows open, to allow fresh air in. Cars can get very hot when they are left sitting in the sun and the temperatures can rise much higher than outside the car.

5. Sun Protection

Dogs can also suffer from sun burn so if your pet is light in colour or has any skin exposed make sure to apply sunscreen to the exposed area. If they have very little fur, we recommend getting them a light summer jacket to shade them from the sun while keeping them cool.

Dogs can suffer from heat stroke and the main signs are excessive panting, weakness, vomiting, rapid heartbeat or seizures. If you notice your pet becoming uncomfortable in the heat act straight away to bring their temperature down using some of the tips, we have given above. 


How do you keep your pet cool in the summer?


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