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5 Tips To Get The Best Photo Of Your Dog

Getting a dog to smile for the camera

Weve all been there trying to capture the perfect picture of your pet for the family album or to proudly frame on the mantle piece. Itsometimes easier said than done to get your dog to sit still long enough to get a cute one where they are looking at the camera. We have a couple of tricks to help you get the perfect snap of your pet. 

Dog taking a photo

1. Get your dog’s attention

Pick up something that will draw your dogs’ attention like their favourite toy, a treat or even a stick. Hold it up over the phone and wave it around while you have your phone or camera in the other hand and get a picture of your dog while they are distracted.

2. Get level with your dog

When you are taking a photo of your pet get down to their level. Photos shot lower down capture more emotion and features of your dog as apposed to taking it from over their head.

3. Make your dog happy

The best way to get your dog to grin and smile for the camera is after a walk or after a quick run around after a toy. Your dog will pant and smile with happiness from the burst of fun.

4. Go outdoors with your dog

Natural light is best, so get your dog outside during the day to get the most natural photo. When you take a photo indoors or in bad lighting the flash can make their fur look dirty or make their eyes red.

5. Have patients with your dog

The most important thing when getting a photo of your dog is to have patients. Dogs can find it hard to sit still for long, so you need to act fast to get a good picture. Dogs are very photogenic so even the messy ones look good in our eyes.

Take loads of dog photos and then go back and choose your favourite one or the least blurry one of the lot. Take pictures of your dog as often as you can because they are great memories to look back on and remember all the adventures you went on. Even the outtakes of a photo shoot with your dog can turn out to be some of the best shots where you catch them making a funny face or looking more natural. The most important thing is to have fun with your dog when taking photos of them.


How easy do you find it to get a good picture of your dog?


Love from

the team at PawTrails

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