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Dog water bowl

Does Your Dog Drink Enough Water?

Learn different ways to encourage your pet to drink more water in our latest blog. Keep your dog hydrated especially now that the days are getting warmer.

Help find my dog

Finding A Lost Dog

Nobody ever wants to experience losing their dog. PawTrails dog tracker will help stop that happening & give you peace of mind knowing where they are.
Dog Bite

Does Your Dog Bite?

Everything you need to know about why dogs bite and the steps to take if you are the victim of a dog attack.
How do You Recognise Your Dog?

How do You Recognise Your Dog?

If there was a line-up of dogs of a similar breed to your dog, what would make you recognise them? We share tips to help distinguish your pet from similar pets.
How to track your dog

How to Track Your Dog

Tracking your dog has never been easier. We show you how to use GPS to track your dog.
Dog Nails

Taking Care of Your Dogs Nails

We go through the top considerations when caring for your dogs nails. Keep your pets paws in tip top shape with a pawicure
Dog poop

Scoop The Dog Poop

There is nothing worse than walking along and landing your shoe into a big pile of dog poo because that smell follows you around. We have the solution for you.
Best Show Dog

Dog Show

Do you think your dog has what it takes to enter a dog show? We are sharing some of the fun parts about entering your dog into a dog show.
Dog eating plastic

My Dog Ate Plastic!

Has your dog ever swallowed plastic? We highlight the dangers, the signs to look for and how to react if you fear your dog has ingested a foreign object.
set up pawtrails device and app on the phone

How To Set Up My PawTrails Device & App

Setting up my PawTrails device and App is easy and quick. Have a look at our steps and advice on how to do it.
Dog medication

Tips About Medicating Your Dog

Medicating your dog can be a struggle but there are ways to make it easier, here are some of our tips that will make it easier.
cost comparison for a gps dog tracker

What Is The Cost Of A GPS Dog Tracker?

The cost of a GPS dog tracker depends on the different features the tracker has to offer. Check out the cost comparison between PawTrails & other dog trackers.