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Best Dog Names

Top Dog Names

We have put together an A to Z list of our favourite unique dog names. Dog names that suit both male and female so you can pick the perfect name.
secure and waterproof smart collar

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Collars For Dogs

Are you confused by the term smart collar for dogs? Do you wonder how it works, the cost and advantages? Here is everything you need to know.
What Is A Tracker Harness For Dogs?

What Is A Tracker Harness For Dogs?

What is a tracker harness for dogs? PawTrails harness live tracks the location of your dog through GPS and allows you to track through a mobile app.
Top Tips to Get Your Dog’s Exercise Back on Track

Top Tips to Get Your Dog’s Exercise Back on Track

Excess fat is damaging to your dogs health and can in fact reduce their life expectancy. Become your dog’s own personal trainer and exercise regularly.
GPS Dog Tracker & Mobile App

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Dog Tracker

If you love your dog and would panic if he ever disappeared, then you need a GPS dog Tracker. Check out our top 3 reasons on why to buy a dog tracker!
Dogs having dinner at the table

Dog’s Christmas Dinner

The dinner we look forward to the most all year and the same can be said for your dog. Christmas dinner is a time of over indulging on our favorite foods.
Decorating the house with your dog

Getting Festive With Your Dog

It's easy for your dog to mistake baubles swinging from the tree as an invitation to play. We have tips on how to dog safe your home around Christmas decorations.
Shopping for your dog

Dog Christmas Gift Guide

Are you organised this year for Christmas? Looking for something special for your dog? Don’t fret we have the perfect gift for you sorted.
Dog eating healthy food

Dog Snacks

What dog doesn’t get excited when you mention treats? Consider healthy treats for your dog, that you can give to them guilt free.
Lost dog in the countryside

Tips To Prevent Your Dog Going Missing

How would you feel if your dog went missing? PawTrails GPS dog tracker gives you the piece of mind knowing their live location on the PawTrails app.
Walking in the dark with  your dog

Walking In The Dark

We have tips on how to keep you and your dog safe when walking in the dark. PawTrails GPS harness has reflective strips to make your pet visible at night
Dog trick of treat at Halloween

Halloween For Dogs 

Halloween can be a scary time of the year for dogs, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how you can keep your dog happy and relaxed during the celebrations