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GPS Smart Collar & Harness

All in One Solution

€79.99 + service fee

What is PawTrails’ all in one Solution?

The NEW PawTrails is more than just a GPS tracker, it’s an all in one solution combining both a smart harness and a collar.

Smart Harness

Smart Collar

Tracking Device

Charging Station

* Only one tracking device and one device holder inside the box. Device holder can be attached to harness or collar

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PawTrails GPS Smart Harness is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Created with soft, padded material and adjustable straps to fit all shapes and sizes.

The GPS device can be easily secured to the device holder, so you don’t need to worry about it coming off. It features reflective straps to improve
the visibility of your pet
on dark roads.


The PawTrails App

The NEW PawTrails is more than just a GPS tracker, it’s an all in one solution combining both a smart harness and a collar.

Location Tracking and Safe Zones

Activity Monitor

Health Advisor

Adventure Recording

Stay Connected with Your Pet

PawTrails is your best pet carer and your everyday connection with you beloved four-legged friend.

Keep track of them with a simple click on your smartphone.

Excellent Support

PawTrails offers 100% support to our customers. We are always here to help.

Diverse Functions

PawTrails has numerous features such as GPS tracking, Health Advisor, Safe Zones and much more.

Low Monthly Fee

Activate your device from as little as €2.49 per month to connect your device to your PawTrails app.

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13 April 2018

I love the PawTrail

I love the PawTrail! Knowing that you can track your dog any time of the day or night gives a dog owner complete peace of mind. With the PawTrails, it eliminates the need of guessing what way they have gone, as we can track them on the screen of our mobile phone. The PawTrails would also be ideal for a hunting or over ambitious dog out on a hike - as it is waterproof and can withstand the rough terrain whilst actively tracking their location.

02 May 2018

I always worry ...

I always worry that milo will get lost on his walks or go missing at home or worse someone would take him! This PawTrails tracker collar gives you a live tracking of where your dog is so you can see it on your phone. Not only that but it informs you when they have left their safe zone that you have set them. It also records all your adventures and how far they’ve walked and how fast they’ve gone..